Monday 17th July 2023

Tension rises as Toyah remains missing, leaving Spider determined to find her. He receives a threatening text, warning him to follow instructions or else Toyah’s life will be in danger. Leanne confides in Nick about Spider’s decision to keep the police out of it, fearing it could jeopardize Toyah’s safety. Spider finally reaches the waste ground and spots the kidnapper holding a gun. Suddenly, a gunshot echoes through the air. Stay tuned for the shocking turn of events!

Wednesday 19th July 2023

Elaine uncovers Stephen’s suspicious actions and starts connecting the dots. She decides to reveal everything to Tim and shares a crucial finding – a mysterious metal box. Tim eagerly opens it, and they both gasp in disbelief as they stumble upon forged life insurance papers.

Aadi offers to give Courtney a ride home. However, things take a fun turn when Courtney asks him to grab a delicious kebab with her. Against his initial plan, Aadi finds himself enjoying Courtney’s company more than he expected!

Friday 21st July 2023

Aadi confides in Courtney how he took the job hoping he would gain some business experience and be able to share his own ideas. Revealing she has an MBA, Courtney suggests he shares his ideas with her instead.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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