In the upcoming week on EastEnders, tensions run high as Rocky and Kathy’s wedding day finally arrives. The groom is forced to come clean to Kathy about the wild events of his stag night, causing some initial chaos. However, that turns out to be the least of Rocky’s worries when his ex-wife, Jo, unexpectedly shows up at the wedding venue, coinciding with Kathy’s arrival.

Rocky is on edge with Jo’s presence as the wedding ceremony begins, but the real trouble unfolds afterward when his vengeful ex takes action against the happy couple. Their actions come with consequences, leaving Rocky and Kathy to face the aftermath.

Meanwhile, Stacey finds herself in a predicament as she struggles to recall leaving a drunken message for Martin, inviting him to be her plus one at the wedding instead of Theo, her intended date. Martin suggests that Stacey should ditch Theo, who goes out of his way to provoke the market stall holder. Stacey is torn between her options, but eventually makes a decision about her future and Martin’s role in it.

The ongoing family discussions about Lily’s baby continue, and Martin is deeply impressed by Stacey’s determination to fight for her family. However, conflict arises when Stacey confesses to Martin that she is still doing online adult content for a client, raising concerns for her safety. Stacey asserts her independence and a heated argument ensues between the couple.

Sharon urges Keanu to confess his secrets to Phil, but he refuses, fearing the consequences and the potential loss of seeing his daughter, Peggy. Ignoring his fears, Sharon takes matters into her own hands and reveals the truth to Phil, leaving him furious. Sharon manages to calm him down, and soon after, Lisa returns to the Square, causing her web of lies to unravel.

Despite Lisa becoming public enemy number one, Sharon takes pity on her, much to Keanu’s horror. He seeks legal advice regarding his access to Peggy, while Lisa suspects Keanu is trying to keep her in the UK. As a result, Lisa starts making plans to leave the country, booking a flight to Portugal for the evening in question.

In another storyline, Ravi asks Phil for a favor to rehire Chelsea in her job. Phil agrees but demands a future favor in return from Ravi.

Lastly, young Amy becomes upset when she discovers that Denzel has been liking photos of other girls on social media, causing some emotional turmoil.

Don’t miss the intense drama and surprising twists in EastEnders as relationships are tested and secrets unravel during this eventful week!

Episodes airs from Monday, July 17th at 7:30pm on BBC One.

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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