Monday 17 July 2023 at 13:45 on Channel 5

In tonight’s episode of Home and Away, Cash finds himself in hot water at work due to a mistake he made regarding Andrew’s supposed mother. This leads him to believe that the person who took Andrew might have a connection to Vita Nova. Ready to share the news with Justin, Cash knows that the revelation will leave Justin devastated and place the blame squarely on him.

Cash finally discloses the true identity of “Esther” to Justin, revealing that she is Margot Dafoe, the leader of Vita Nova. Surprisingly, Justin apologizes for his initial reaction and acknowledges his earlier outburst.

Feeling a sense of urgency, Cash pleads with Justin to join forces in their search for Margot and Andrew. Despite being removed from the case, Cash remains determined to make amends. He knows that with Justin’s assistance, they stand a better chance of achieving their goal.

Meanwhile, John senses that something is troubling Marilyn. However, Marilyn continues to hide her fear following the recent threats against her. Her paranoia intensifies when a customer at the coffee cart observes her closely. Unable to contain his curiosity, John confronts Marilyn after catching her in a lie to Alf.

Marilyn decides to approach Rose for an update on the investigation into the threats she has been receiving. Unfortunately, Rose informs her that they have made no progress in identifying the culprit. Marilyn’s vulnerability deepens as she shares her concerns with John. However, their conversation is abruptly interrupted when a brick is thrown through Irene’s window, carrying a chilling message: “No more interviews, or else.”

Tune in to tonight’s episode of Home and Away to witness the escalating tensions as Cash and Justin team up to save Andrew and uncover the truth about Margot. Meanwhile, Marilyn and John must confront the growing danger and unravel the mystery behind the threats they are facing.

By Eastieoaks

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