After the dramatic events of last night, Audrey comes to a surprising conclusion regarding Elaine’s intentions. She believes Elaine might have been planning to bump off Stephen in order to claim the insurance money, rather than the other way around! The tension rises as the truth unfolds.

Meanwhile, there’s news from the hospital, and Craig pays a visit to No.4 to share the latest updates. On another front, Aadi hopes to gain some valuable business experience by sitting in on Darren’s meeting. However, his plans take an unexpected turn when Darren asks him to take Courtney shopping instead.

Aadi opens up to Courtney about his aspirations and ideas, hoping for some guidance. To his delight, Courtney reveals she has an MBA and offers to listen to his ideas. Together, they persuade Darren to meet with Dev, leading to an interesting chain of events.

But the real excitement brews when Aadi receives a mysterious text from Courtney, asking him to meet her at Darren’s office. When he arrives, he finds Courtney waiting for him, and things take an unexpected romantic turn. Courtney admits her feelings for Aadi and leans in for a kiss. How will Aadi respond to this unexpected gesture?

Elsewhere, Paul attends an MND support group meeting where he meets a girl named Shelly. However, Paul is overwhelmed by emotions at the sight of her wheelchair and decides to leave the meeting abruptly.

On a different note, Adam faces another major panic attack when congratulated on becoming a father. The pressure seems to be getting to him, and the situation becomes tense.

Lastly, Brian and Mary share a heartfelt moment as they bid farewell to Isabella, with Brian expressing gratitude for Mary’s support. Emotions run deep between them, hinting at unspoken feelings.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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