In tonight’s thrilling double-bill of Pobol y Cwm, tensions run high as news about Gwyneth’s heir surfaces, sending shockwaves through the community. Will this revelation prove to be powerful enough to wreak havoc on a particular relationship?

Mathew finds himself in hot water when his genuine intentions to help out backfire spectacularly in Tamed. A significant mistake threatens to jeopardize everything.

What fate awaits the Deli, and how will it impact the residents of Cwmderi?

As if that’s not enough drama for one night, a rift between DJ and Mathew emerges.

But that’s not all! The evening takes an intriguing turn as Gaynor agrees to share a meal with Hywel, all for Esther’s sake. But, as the old saying goes, “Friendliness can sometimes be misunderstood.”

S4C at 8pm then at 8.25pm

By Eastieoaks

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