Wednesday, August 9th, 2023 on Alibi at 9:00pm

Detective Inspector Annika Strandhed (Nicola Walker) and the Marine Homicide Unit return to solve more brutal and unexplained murders that wash up in Scotland’s waters. The team are challenged as their dynamics shift, pushing them to rapidly adapt as they encounter murders more complex than ever before. Meanwhile, Annika balances a family dynamic that grows more complicated as long-held secrets from the past begin to impact her relationships.

In the upcoming first episode of Annika, things take a dark turn when a chilling video of a drowning is discovered on a mysterious phone, sending shockwaves through the team. Annika and her colleagues face immense pressure to hunt down the cold-blooded murderer responsible.

As they delve deeper into the investigation, the team stumbles upon a shocking revelation about a drug trafficking ring operating within a cruise ship. Unraveling the victim’s past leads them into a world of debauchery and scandal, making the case even more complex.

However, the prime suspect appears to have an airtight alibi, throwing the investigation into disarray. Will the team be able to crack this seemingly unsolvable case and bring the killer to justice?

Meanwhile, amidst the turmoil of the investigation, Annika grapples with her personal life. She struggles to find the right moment to reveal a deep secret to Michael, a revelation that could potentially alter the course of their relationship forever.

In addition to the main plot, Blair and Tyrone also have significant news to share. Each of them harbors shocking secrets of their own, setting the stage for emotional upheaval and unexpected twists.

(Main image: UKTV / Graeme Hunter)

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