Next week on Coronation Street, tensions rise at the factory when Rufus’ wife, Lou, pays a visit. She drops a bombshell, canceling a meeting because the inquest report on Rufus’s death is imminent, suspecting foul play and contacting the Gazette. Stephen, with a nervous facade, secretly searches for press reports about Rufus’s demise.

As Carla and Stephen see a client out, Lou approaches, and Stephen’s heart sinks. Lou confides in them that the Coroner ruled Rufus’s death as misadventure, but she still doubts the drug-fueled explanation. Stephen tries to assure her it was a tragic accident, but guilt consumes him.

At Rufus’ memorial, Stephen struggles with his conscience. When Rufus’ son, Jools, questions how Stephen knew his father, he rushes away. Later, he returns with factory staff, claiming it was to make Rufus appear more popular. But when Jools emotionally speaks about his dad, Stephen’s guilt intensifies, and he flees to the restroom, watched closely by Carla and Lou.

Corrie viewers suspected at the time that his tie pin would play a part in this:

Later, trouble escalates when Lou shows Stephen a bag containing Rufus’ belongings, found by the pool, including Stephen’s tie pin. Stephen is horrified, and matters worsen when Lou mentions Rufus’ missing watch. Peter is compelled to confess that he found it in his cab and pawned it for Carla’s rehab. Shockingly, Lou reveals her plan to take the tie pin to the police, believing it doesn’t belong to Rufus. How will Stephen escape the consequences of his actions?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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