Jenny and Daisy are disappointed when Glenda loses her voice and can’t perform at the event. They want to impress the Newtons. Philip Newton is impressed when he finds out another singer, Glyn Young, has been booked. An elderly man with hearing aids arrives, causing panic. Will the event be a failure? Will Philip and Henry agree to buy the Rovers? Henry tells Jenny that the brewery won’t buy the Rovers and gives her the contact details of a developer.

Jenny feels hopeless and tells Daisy that a property developer is coming to value the pub. Steve and George set up a crowdfunding page to save the Rovers. George suggests Gemma use her influence with Henry to change his mind. Gemma goes to a hotel, thinking she will work on a promotion, but Henry just wants to spend time with her. Chesney discovers Gemma’s plan and goes to the hotel to confront her.

Richard, the property developer, visits the Rovers. Daisy explains that Jenny has no choice but to sell. Steve and George are upset. Gemma tells Chesney she wants to save the Rovers but needs to work with Henry. Bernie advises Chesney to trust Gemma and accept Henry’s offer. Gemma meets with Henry and agrees to become his PA in exchange for saving the pub. Gemma tells Chesney the good news and they embrace, despite his concerns.

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