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Romeo does all he can to try and get the video Juliet left for James back but it’s gone forever. Hurting James gets in touch with an old acquaintance who owes him a favour… At the McQueens Mercedes receives a shocking phone call.

Darren confides in Tony about his concern for Charlie. Down at the Youth Centre, Darren reaches out to Shing Lin letting her know how overwhelming the outside world can be and how Charlie never meant to hurt her and asks her to speak to him. Over at the Osbournes Charlie opens up to Shing Lin about how dark inside his head has been later and apologies.

Warren tries to get answers from Cindy but her head is elsewhere, worried he may end up causing more harm in Ella’s life. Joel asks his dad when he was going to tell him about Ella, in the park the two men bump into Ella, and Warren asks her to come and visit him later on.

Sienna is finding it hard to accept that Warren might have another child. While Ethan and Sienna spend the day together, they agree not to talk about Rafe or Dilly but when Sienna nips to the bathroom Ethan looks at her phone when it goes off only to discover a message from the Earl of Dee. Wanting Sienna to know she has his support and trust Ethan replies to Rafe on Sienna’s phone arranging for her to meet him knowing she wouldn’t do it after committing to spend the day together.

By Eastieoaks

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