Eavesdropping at the café, Suki gets jealous when she hears someone looking for Eve. Assuming it’s a new love interest, Suki stops Bernie from sharing information about Eve’s whereabouts. Curious, Eve agrees to a date and later has an awkward encounter with Suki at the Minute Mart. Just as Eve is about to leave, Suki feels unwell. Despite dismissing her friends’ concerns, Suki is persuaded by Eve to see a doctor.

Vinny tries to get Suki to talk about her feelings, but she tells him to stay out of her personal life.

Eventually, Suki opens up about her low mood.

Eve has a secret admirer named Caz. Suki gets jealous and tries to stop Bernie from telling her where Eve is. Eve agrees to go on a date with her secret admirer. Stacey tells Eve to move on from someone named Amanda, but Eve disagrees. Stacey sees that Eve has a date with Caz, who is pretending to be Amanda. Stacey is scared by a letter from her stalker. Eve wants to cancel the date, but Stacey insists she goes and gives her a new outfit.

At the date, Amanda reveals her true identity as Caroline. It is unclear why she is interested in Eve.

The next day, Stacey advises Eve not to meet Caroline, but Eve goes against her advice. When she returns home, Eve becomes angry and destroys the kitchen.

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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