Tyrone gets the mother of all bombshells in Coronation Street

Tyrone leaves a message for Evelyn, inviting her to the girls’ show at the Bistro and asking for her support. Evelyn, who is at the police station, receives the message but decides she can’t go because she doesn’t want to leave Cassie alone. However, Cassie convinces Evelyn to let her go out for coffee since she has been clean for several weeks and is feeling bored. Unfortunately, Evelyn realizes her purse is missing and worries about what might happen. Meanwhile, Cassie arrives at the Bistro where Tyrone recognizes her as Cath, James’ friend, and asks if she has any news from Evelyn. Just as Evelyn rushes into the Bistro, Cassie reveals to Tyrone that she is his mother. How will Tyrone react to this revelation?

Stephen Ties Himself in Knots as Lou Puts Him on the Spot

Stephen is tangled in a web of deceit and suspense. Lou brings news that the police will investigate the missing watch and tie pin. Stephen slyly steals Lou’s hotel key. He overhears Peter admitting to pawning the watch, which has already been sold. Stephen decides to search Lou’s hotel room and finds his stolen tie pin. Just as he is about to leave, he realizes someone is at the bedroom door. Lou grows suspicious and plans to confront the thief.

Will Ryan’s steroid use be discovered?

Ryan is in his bedroom when he sees Carla making his bed. He tries to hide his anger and holds onto a needle. After Carla leaves, he punches the wardrobe in frustration because of the steroids he’s taking. Later, Ryan has a run and starts feeling heart palpitations and his legs give out. Gary helps him and tells him to take deep breaths. Gary notices Ryan’s energy drink and asks if he took anything else besides it.

Over in Emmerdale Bob has matters of the heart of his own

After another run-in with Archie and his football outside the B&B, a grumpy Bob launches his football into the air. He becomes distracted when he notices Wendy and Liam leaving Tenants cottage together. Seeing red, he assumes their affair is on-going and punches Liam in the face. Despite the villagers’ best efforts to calm him, Bob lobs the ball at Liam. Then panic sets in as Bob suffers a heart attack.

A blast from Lydia’s past

Sam finds an old dolls house and decides to fix it up for Esther’s birthday. Lydia recalls her own childhood dolls house while helping Sam. Meanwhile, Lydia opens up about her past and her son, Toby. Despite some family drama, the Dingles celebrate Sam’s birthday. Lydia tries to secure more work hours but is turned down by Kim. Worried about money, Lydia considers taking on a second job and attends a recruitment fair. Unexpectedly, Lydia meets a man from her past, Craig, which brings back memories from their time in the children’s home.

Marlon is driven with desire to move forward

Marlon is nervous about picking up his modified car. Rhona tries to convince Mary to start dating again, but Mary is hesitant after her difficult experience with Faye. Mary puts on a brave face as she prepares for Faye’s trial and casually mentions she has a date the next day, impressing Rhona and Marlon. The following day, Mary is secretive about her date. Meanwhile, after being questioned by Rhona and Mary, Marlon reluctantly agrees to try driving again after his stroke, feeling anxious about it.

What awaits Mack and Chloe as they plan a Christening for Reuben?

Mack’s surprised to hear Chloe planned a Christening for Reuben. Worried about not finding god-parents, Chloe’s upset and cancels the Christening. It’s back on when she worries to Mack about village gossip and Mack reassures her that their little family is all they need.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

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