This week, we see a softer side to Dilly when she comforts struggling Donna-Marie and opens up to Ethan about her past struggles with drug addiction. How do you think her past has affected her?

I think her past has hugely affected her and where she sees her place in this world, particularly the world she lives in. I think her past reflects in a lot of her personality traits. She’s often very sarcastic in what she says, she’s quite self-deprecating but I think it’s literally just a coping mechanism for the things that she’s been through. I also think her past has affected how she sees love; whether that’s how she gives it or receives it. I think she has quite a skewed idea of what love is due to things that she’s been through.

How does Ethan react to hearing about her past?

I think initially there’s a level of shock from Ethan because up until this point he’s kind of just seen this rich, spoilt girl and getting an insight into her past makes her in a sense a real person with real struggles so I think he is shocked to a certain extent.

Do you think Dilly and Ethan are well-suited, or are they both using each other?

I think there’s no denying that initially they are using each other, but I think through that they develop a really lovely relationship. I often find the thing where they bond the most is their humour really matches up so they’re very witty – the conversations that her and Ethan have are really quick. I think eventually they’ll build a really lovely relationship, they really need each other to guide themselves through this messy situation!

Dilly and Rafe are very protective of each other, why do you think this is the case?

Quite simply I think they’re all each other have. I think Rafe has always been there for her and he’s the one person who hasn’t given up on her, that saying of blood is thicker than water really applies. I think as well they’re so close because they’ve been through a lot of the same shared experiences and live in the biggest fancied house, but at the end of the day they need love and company and that’s what they give to each other.

Dilly catches Sienna and Ethan up to no good sneaking around at The Loft. How does this make her feel?

I think there’s a lot of emotions there… there’s a little bit of smugness, a little bit of rage, and also worry. The smugness coming from the fact that she knew it from the start. Rage because her point has been proven and her brother is being played, and then worry because she might not be believed. She’s seen information that might not be believed that she saw that exact thing because her past has proved that a lot of what she said might not be 100% true.

Dilly is hit with a low blow from Sienna in retaliation, what can you tease about that?

From there, there will be huge consequences for Dilly, and it definitely throws a spanner in the works on her mission to stop her brother falling for Sienna.

How must it feel for Dilly to be accused by her own brother of being an unreliable narrator, does this cause a rift between the pair?

Unfortunately, I don’t think its anything new. You’ve got to imagine she’s the younger wilder sibling who’s had a troubled past, and because of that her voice has been questioned. I think at this point now she has changed and it will 100% cause a rift because her brother is yet to see that change so he’s just viewing her as old Dilly when she’s new and improved Dilly.

What’s it been like filming for Hollyoaks so far, do you enjoy playing Dilly?

It’s been great! Dilly’s very fun to play I think every time I get a script I’m looking for her witty one liners because she’s savage in her words but it makes it so fun to play. Especially when she’s up against Sienna that’s just a battle of the best, and I think at the moment she’s been winning. Also its important to know her style, her fashion, all of that really adds to that character. Whenever I pop up to the costume room I love to see what they’ve got planned for her because a lot of her clothes are very different to people that are on the show already, and they’re just fun and that adds to her whole wild vibe.

Who are you closest to onset?

That’s such a hard question because I’m genuinely close to lots of different people but as we work together the most it probably would be Matt (who plays Ethan). We bicker like siblings, but there’s a lot of love there and we have so much fun on set.

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