Anna gathers the courage to reach out to her long-lost mother, with the encouragement of Freddie.

However, George confesses that he already has her contact information, implying that Anna’s mother doesn’t want to be found. Despite this setback, Elaine helps Anna see that it’s natural for her to want to connect with her mother. Anna decides to leave a heartfelt message for her, expressing her longing and revealing that she is now in Walford.

Meanwhile, Bobby, who learns that Kathy is selling the chippy, tries to reach out to her without success. Instead, he decides to contact his brother Peter. Anna, feeling frustrated with her mother’s unresponsiveness, sends her a harsh text. Seeking comfort, she confides in Bobby, and the two reconcile their recent awkwardness.

In France, Peter intercepts the text from Anna on Cindy’s phone. After questioning his Ian, he discovers that he has two sisters. Peter deletes the messages and makes a secret plan to travel to Walford to meet his newfound siblings. Arriving at The Vic, he becomes an unexpected presence in the lives of Gina and Anna.

The following day, Peter wakes up with regret and receives a phone call from Cindy, who senses that something is amiss. Bobby, frustrated with Peter’s behavior, orders him to leave.

Meanwhile, Cindy contemplates going to Walford to bring Peter back, but Ian convinces her to stay, assuring her that he will handle the situation. The question remains: will Cindy ultimately decide to leave for Walford anyway?

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