Fair City – RTÉ 1 – 7:30pm

Anna senses something is off when Gwen refuses to stay at her own flat. Anna is determined for Gwen to own up after Georgie gets told off by Tommy and Sash over Olivia. Georgie tells Anna he has decided to move out to make things right with Sash. Anna is really furious with Gwen for being duplicitous and allowing Georgie to take the blame for what happened to Olivia, leading to a shocking revelation from Gwen.

Doug is blindsided when Erica tells him she doesn’t like him being around Fergal. Doug picks up on Fergal’s off-colour remarks and distances himself even further. Gareth commiserates when Fergal realises his bigoted opinions have alienated Doug. Gareth asks Erica to convince Doug to give Fergal another chance, and warms slightly to Fergal when he calms down Nora.

The consortium fails to reach a compromise on electing a manager before signing the contract. Pete and Renée form an unlikely alliance when they both agree they should choose a manager first. Pete and Renée and Pete meet to discuss the role of a manager and decide to test each other out by who knows more, by competing in a pub quiz.

Cast includes

  • Roxanna Nic Liam as Erica Allen
  • Wesley Doyle as Doug Ferguson
  • Craig Connolly as Fergal Boyle
  • Shane Quigley-Murphy as Gareth Boyle
  • Enda Oates as Pete Ferguson
  • Úna Crawford-O’Brien as Renée Phelan
  • Bryan Murray as Bob Charles
  • Joe Hanley as Hughie Phelan
  • Sorcha Furlong as Orla Molloy
  • Martina Stanley as Dolores Molloy
  • Mick Nolan as Ray O’Connell
  • Geoff Minogue as Tommy Dillon
  • Stephanie Kelly as Sash Bishop
  • Aisling O’Neill as Carol Foley
  • Lucey Duffy as Olivia Bishop
  • Emily Lamey as Gwen Connolly
  • Colleen Keogh as Anna McShane
  • Shaun Dunne as Georgie Dennis

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