Charity is determined to avoid any involvement with Mackenzie. However, she decides to accept a dare from Gail to approach the next person who enters the Woolpack. She sets her sights on Liam, who is scheduled for a date. As their date progresses, Liam becomes captivated by Charity’s charisma. Will Charity feel the same way about him?

Coronation Street

More romance from our friends over in Weatherfield, this time with Stephen and now, former Rover owner, Jenny locking lips.

Angelique breaks the news that she won’t be renewing the Nippersnapper contract but Stephen tells Carla, Saran and Michael would consider buying the company outright. Tim warns Sarah that Stephen is a liar who claimed he was coercively controlled by Gabrielle, but then tried to pass her off as a business consultant for the factory.  Audrey shows Gail a statement from an equity release company. Discovering that Gail and Audrey knew about Gabrielle’s treatment of Stephen she decides to give the woman a call. Audrey shows the equity release letter to Sarah and wonders if it’s got anything to do with the visit she had from an estate agent which Stephen organised. 

In the factory, Sarah overhears Stephen on the phone talking to Jenny about the Rovers deal.  Wrongly assuming he’s talking to Angelique about the Nippersnapper deal she follows him. Sarah finds him at the hotel and threatens to call the police believing he is about to pull a fast one on the deal. When Carla meets up with Lou she is shocked to hear about Rufis dabbling with LSD – when she describes his symptoms it resonates with Carla. She tells Roy her symptoms were identical and she suspects someone might have drugged her with LSD. Not convinced and believing she is suffering from paranoia again Roy tells Peter about his concerns. How will Peter react? 

In the Rovers, Jenny returns to the Rovers with Stephen in tow and tells Daisy that she signed on the dotted line and no longer owns the Rovers. Stephen finds Jenny in the Rovers back room and, telling her it’s time she started to put herself first, takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately. Jenny takes Stephen by the hand and leads him upstairs.

Later, As a loved up Stephen and Jenny head down the street, Jenny suggests they book a holiday and offers to pay. Tim spots them and warns Jenny that Stephen’s not to be trusted. As he reveals Elaine’s selling her flat and wants him out, Stephen’s furious and moans to Jenny about being made homeless. 


With the kids refusing to participate, Tony is left to complete the Earl of Dee challenge himself. The teens reassure each other they won’t drift apart when they get their new timetables, Lucas watches on alone… Beau manages to find a way to get the teens to participate in the challenge, but Tony realises his phone has also gone missing.

The teens are still refusing to take the Earl of Dee awards seriously leaving Tony at his wits end. Beau and Tony manage to divert Rafe from seeing the mess the teens have caused and the Earl tells them the press will be coming tomorrow. Tony is down in the dumps and feeling a failure.

Trouble brews when later at the Earl of Dee Award finale, Beau finds the campsite wrecked.

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