An excited Ed tells Ronnie about a plot of land for sale with planning permission for six houses and reckons they could make a killing. Ronnie reluctantly agrees to look at the details, knowing full well that he’s already spent the money.

In a bid to buy himself some time, Ronnie suggests to Ed they get a surveyor to take a look at the land before they make any rash decisions.

Later, in the café, Debbie assures Ronnie that he only needs to stall Ed for a few more days. When Ed reveals that he’s hired his own surveyor to speed things up and reckons they should phone the estate agents and put an offer in on the land, Ronnie masks his panic. Ed’s disappointed to find out from the estate agent that there’s been a lot of interest in the plot of land and they’re taking sealed bids.

Ronnie’s relieved by the setback.

Debbie alerts Ronnie to the fact that Newton & Ridley shares have nose-dived and he’d better hope Waterfords make an offer soon. Thrown into panic, Ronnie tells Ed that he’s having second thoughts about the new project and thinks they should pull out, but Ed won’t hear of it.

When Ronnie then hears Henry telling the Rovers staff that his Dad intends to sell the brewery but he’s doing everything he can to stop it, he catches him outside and urges him to accept Waterfords’ offer.

Henry points out that he never mentioned Waterfords and demands to know where Ronnie got his information. How will Ronnie talk his way out of this one?

When Ed reveals he’s put in a bid for the plot of land, Ronnie’s forced to explain there’s no money because he blew it all on Newton & Ridley shares which are now worthless, how will Ed react?

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