Claudette and Victor have fully reconnected and Charles is not happy about it.

A triumphant Victor grins, he is happy to see his son irked. When Charles confronts his father about worming his way into Claudette’s life things get physical. And Claudette catches him in the act who berates him with a slap.

Meanwhile, Manpreet meets with Jai and offers to return the necklace. Jai encourages Manpreet to tell Charles how she is feeling.

Later she does and Charles is angered to realise Victor has overheard their row.

When Victor goads him, Charles is left more determined than ever to be rid of his father.

The next day, Charles implores Manpreet to give him another chance. Jai arrives to collect the necklace but it’s gone missing. Manpreet is immediately suspicious of Victor and when he’s accused he’s defensive.

Assured her husband is innocent, Claudette is horrified to find the necklace in Victor’s pocket. Manpreet calls the police and Victor makes a hurried escape. PC Swirling questions Manpreet and Claudette on the theft.

Arriving home, Charles is shocked to learn what has happened. Claudette prepares to go and find Victor.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

By Eastieoaks

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