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Goldie tries to give Hunters love life a push in the direction of Zoe. Hunter tells Freya he’s meeting Zoe for a drink but promises to come back to look at her art. Zoe tells Hunter although it’s too soon for another relationship she’s not a nun and the pair rush from The Love Boat together… In the village, Freya gifts her artwork to Hunter. After realising the piece might be of himself, Hunter calls in Beau for advice remembering he once drew a teacher he was in love with.

Sienna tells Ethan she thinks Rafe might be close to proposing but a call from the Earl saying Dilly is missing stops them in their tracks. A drunk Dilly turns up to The Loft and tells Ethan he owes her and must tell Rafe that Sienna planted the drugs on her. Rafe tries to take Dilly out of The Loft but Ethan stops him. Sienna steps in when things between the men get physical. Back at the Earls, Sienna overhears a curious phone conversation Rafe receives.

The teens are still refusing to take the Earl of Dee awards seriously leaving Tony at his wits end. Beau and Tony manage to divert Rafe from seeing the mess the teens have caused and the Earl tells them the press will be coming tomorrow. Tony is down in the dumps and feeling a failure.

Maxine is still trying to make her picture ‘perfect’. Lacey is troubled when she finds a beauty aesthetics pamphlet with notes on.

By Eastieoaks

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