Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones) and Jimmy Akingbola (Kate & Koji) return in this acclaimed crime drama based on Kate London’s thrilling second novel and is adapted by screenwriter Patrick Harbinson (Homeland, Fearless, 24, ER) and produced by his company Windhover Films and leading production company, Mammoth Screen.

Starring alongside Gemma Whelan as DS Sarah Collins and Jimmy Akingbola as DC Steve Bradshaw, is Tahirah Sharif, who was recently BAFTA-nominated for her role as PC Lizzie Adama, alongside Emmett J Scanlan as DI Kieran Shaw.

Monday, August 28th, 2023 on ITV1 at 9:00pm

Episode 1

DS Sarah Collins joins Homicide Command and finds her new team in the thick of it as they attempt to track down the culprit behind a chicken shop shooting. At the helm of the investigation is DS Steve Bradshaw, but Sarah’s kept away from the action as her new boss, DCI Jim Fedden, tasks her with a cold case. With young DC Lee Coutts already making headway with inquiries, Sarah is left to trace the missteps of the last police investigation and makes a fresh discovery.

When a new lead points to murder and offers up a convicted sex offender as the prime suspect, it’s ‘case closed’ for Fedden. But dead or alive, Sarah is determined to find Tania and uncover the truth about what happened to her 25 years ago. Teaming up with DC Elaine Lucas, Sarah follows a new line of inquiry. But her life becomes more complicated when she ignores Elaine’s advice and puts her team up for a murder case. Her and PC Lizzie Adama’s paths are about to cross.

Meanwhile, Lizzie has been cleared of misconduct for her role in the Portland Tower incident and is back at Farlow Police Station, hoping to prove she can be a good cop. But whether she’s willing to do everything by the book is soon put to the test when she responds to a domestic violence call at the home of a young couple and their six-year-old daughter. Having put their affair behind them, Lizzie and DI Kieran Shaw try to keep things professional, but their mutual attraction still remains.

Tuesday, August 29th, 2023 on ITV1 at 9:00pm

Episode 2

Sarah and Lizzie find themselves working the Georgina Teel murder scene, their mutual distrust still apparent. But with the killer Matt Brannon still at large, and his daughter Skye with him, Sarah and Lizzie must work together if they’re going to find Skye alive. Sarah orders Lizzie to deliver the death message to Georgina’s next-of-kin, Skye’s grandmother Cathy Teel. While she and PC Arif Johar are with Cathy, Matt Brannon turns up, armed with a knife, making threats. Lizzie bravely pursues Brannon on foot while back at the station Kieran helplessly waits for word on her safety. Lizzie narrowly escapes a fatal encounter with Brannon. She and Kieran reignite their affair, unable to hide their feelings for each other.

While Sarah and the homicide team try to locate Brannon’s hideout, Lizzie develops a bond with Cathy Teel. Lizzie realises that Cathy’s stories about her troubled past could shed light on Brannon’s current whereabouts and passes this information to Sarah. Meanwhile, Brannon sends his own warning to the police. He puts out a Youtube video blaming them for Georgina’s death and warning them that ‘this isn’t over’.

Meanwhile on the Tania Mills case, going public with information about the new suspect Ray Walker backfires, and Sarah has to stave off a PR embarrassment for the police. The evidence is stacking up against Walker, but Sarah thinks there’s more to the story and a new suspect from Tania’s past emerges in the investigation.

Back at Farlow, Kieran gets an approach from an old colleague DCS Tim Bailie. He is setting up a task force to go after a major drug dealer. He wants Kieran to lead it but only if he can persuade DS Steve Bradshaw to join his team.

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023 on ITV1 at 9:00pm

Episode 3

The team are left reeling when Brannon’s Youtube video goes viral and even more so when he appears to have a sympathiser inside the police. When Sarah discovers Brannon’s friend Marley Daniels has been lying about her contacts with Brannon, she and her old partner Steve Bradshaw team up in a successful bid to get Marley on side.

Lizzie takes Cathy Teel on a cruise around her old junkie haunts. The drive turns up a potential location for Brannon’s hideout and a specialist unit is brought in to do the take-down. But Brannon is one step ahead, tipped off by someone inside the police. Thanks to PC Arif Johar, Brannon’s sympathiser is caught, but the police are no closer to catching Brannon. In fact his whereabouts is even more twisted than they could have imagined: Brannon breaks into Lizzie’s flat. Lizzie spends the night with Kieran, unaware of what is waiting for her at home.

Sarah’s investigation into Tania’s former violin teacher Adrian Stephenson draws the ire of Stephenson’s powerful lawyers, who threaten legal action. Fedden tells Sarah to back off, but Sarah and Elaine show him evidence that suggests Stephenson might be a serial predator. What’s more, Sarah has an idea where Tania’s body might be buried.

But the excavation of the park next to Tania’s school turns out to be a dead end. This, combined with the failure to catch Brannon is a low point for both of Sarah’s cases. Attempting to distract herself, she calls Julie Woodson, Farah Mehenni’s old teacher. But their drink is interrupted by something Sarah sees on her laptop. She realises she may have been wrong about where Tania was buried, but only by a hundred yards. Sarah’s romantic life is on hold, but finally, after 25 years, Tania Mills has been found.

Thursday, August 31st, 2023 on ITV1 at 9:00pm

Episode 4

While Sarah gets her boss’s congratulations for finding Tania Mills’ body, Steve Bradshaw questions PC Colin Ryle who enabled Brannon to evade the police. When Colin reveals Brannon’s vendetta against Lizzie, Steve guesses Brannon’s next move and the real danger Lizzie is in. Unable to reach Lizzie, Steve calls on Sarah for help. Sarah races to Lizzie’s aid and arrives in the nick of time to find Lizzie and Brannon in a desperate and brutal fight. Sarah helps Lizzie take Brannon down and rescues Skye. While Lizzie is rushed to hospital with serious stab wounds, Sarah returns Skye to her grandmother Cathy Teel.

With barely a moment to catch her breath, Sarah heads back to the station to interrogate Adrian Stephenson. As the custody clock ticks down, the alibi given by Stephenson’s ex-wife Abigail seriously damages Sarah’s case against him. Having learned about the abuse that Tania’s school friend Katherine Herringham also suffered at Stephenson’s hands, Sarah begins to believe that Abigail is lying to protect him. But when Sarah and Elaine question Abigail, her revelations turn the investigation on its head. Only after Sarah works out the exact details of Tania’s murder does the full extent of Stephenson’s abuse and manipulation become apparent. Tania, and all the other women who have been silent for so long, can finally get justice.

In hospital, the recovering Lizzie shares some life- changing news with Kieran. As he absorbs this, Kieran is approached by Steve. Steve agrees to join Kieran’s task force, even though this will mean him going undercover.

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