Thursday, September 7th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Felicity is concealing efforts to get a loan approved and pay her blackmailer. When Eden shares the mix of the album with her, Felicity is struck with an idea. She goes to Cash and asks him for the money to pay her blackmailer, under the guise that she’s supporting a Lyrik album launch. Sceptical, Cash turns to Eden for the truth and learns Lyrik are not even having the launch at Salt. Felicity has been caught out in her lie, and she explains she’s been reckless with her own money and now needs ten grand to cover herself. Supportive, Cash lends the money. But he divulges to Eden his suspicions that this is yet another lie.

Band manager Justin catches up with Kirby to take back the reins, and the work she’s done is impressive. Although, there’s a small concern that Kirby has assigned Theo the brunt of the publicity as punishment, being her ex-boyfriend. But Kirby vehemently disagrees. It’s Theo’s job as front man and if he doesn’t like that…tough. It’s insulting that Justin would question her motives. Leah warns Justin to be wary of a broken-hearted Kirby, and his continued efforts only seem to make things worse, so Leah offers to step in. She arrives with muffins as a peace-offering and suggests there’s more in life than bands and boys. But this does not sit well with Kirby.

John still hasn’t told Irene he’s moving out. Even with Marilyn’s gentle pressure, it’s hard to say no to a roast pork dinner. Marilyn argues that after recent events, it’s clear Irene prefers when you’re honest and direct with her. John agrees and gathers momentum to announce he’s moving out. Irene appreciates the honesty but will miss having him around. Probably more than she’s letting on.

By Eastieoaks

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