Friday, September 8th, 2023 on RTE One at 7:30pm

Pete plans a weekend away with his friends to avoid a male grooming promotion at the salon. However, the trip grows as Leo invites more people.

Erica asks Dolores to be understanding towards Georgie, who is heartbroken. Pete comes up with the idea of a belated stag do for Ray and convinces Dolores it’s already booked.

Meanwhile, Zak and James have tensions, Gwen is curious about Zak’s meeting with a solicitor, and James seeks an investor for his startup. Sharon undermines James’ confidence, and Orla advises Gwen against public displays of affection with Zak.

Kira awaits donor results to avoid Gar’s attention, and Juliet offers to vet potential personal trainers for Gar. Dearbhla advises Gar not to have high hopes about Kira.

As Georgie indulges in selfcare, Erica defends him to Dolores (RTE)

By Eastieoaks

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