Daniel’s drink drive drama!

Daniel and Joe are driving when they get pulled over by PC Mandy Cox for a broken tail light. Despite trying to explain their urgency to get to the hospital, Mandy is stern in questioning Daniel about alcohol consumption. Daniel cooperates but is apprehensive about the situation.

More trouble for Daniel (BBC)


As Al locks up at The Mill, Frankie and Vic are watching from the shadows. Al’s on the patio about to have a smoke when Frankie and Vic emerge to confront him.

Al is being watched (BBC)

Bear’s date disaster

Bear and Claudia go on a date at a fancy restaurant. Their evening is disturbed when Bear’s colleagues, Nina and Suni, are seated at the next table. Nina inserts herself into their conversation and makes Bear feel uncomfortable. Claudia confronts Nina about her behavior, and they eventually leave the restaurant. Back at Bear’s place, he surprises Claudia with Chinese takeaway, including duck. Excited, Claudia accidentally confesses her love for Bear, leaving both of them surprised.

Claudia drops the L word on Bear (BBC)

Ruhma lends a helping hand to a desperate mother

Ruhma and Lisa Gillespie (former EastEnders star Milly Zero) set up for Ruhma’s antenatal class when Bridget Maher (Marion O’Dwyer) enters. Ruhma and Lisa are intrigued when Bridget declares she’s there to look for her daughter, whom she was forced to give up for adoption 39 years ago. They sympathise as Bridget relates that her mother brought her to Letherbridge after she became pregnant outside of marriage.

Ruhma and Lisa listen as a woman appears looking for her daughter at an antenatal class (BBC)

Zara takes her problems out on Scarlett

Luca and Scarlett are surprised a mysterious delivery. Luca opens the box and they find an oddly shaped vase, which they realise belongs to Ruhma from her pottery class.

Zara is rude to Scarlett, who complains to Emma about her. Emma is concerned. She goes to see Zara who breaks down and tells her everything that has been going on with her and Daniel. Emma says that this is normal for them, and to talk it out with Daniel. Back home, Zara is shocked to find Daniel has been drinking.

A mysterious delivery at The Mill (BBC)

A young man is out to impress his grandfather even if that is criminal!

Logan Padmore (Dan Tiernan) is desperate to impress his grandfather Chris (Not Going Out’s Andy Linden) and join the family criminal business by stealing an expensive watch with Chris’ help. Chris dismisses his plan, because he thinks Logan doesn’t have what it takes.

Sid is finishing a rapid response call and meets street cleaner Mervyn Golightly (Keith Hyland).

Logan arrives at a nearby jewellers shop and starts to have what looks like an asthma attack. Mervyn rushes to help and then remembering Sid is still nearby goes to get him. In the confusion, Logan is suddenly fine and manages to steal the watch from the shop. Sid is surprised to see his patient speed past him, knocking into Mervyn. As the alarms ring from the shop, Sid reluctantly gives chase…

Sid has a run in with a son determined to follow in his father’s criminal footsteps (BBC)

These scenes on BBC One from Monday 11 September at 13:45

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