The pair target Liam Connor (Charlie Wrenshall)

Coronation Street is kicking off a new storyline for the teens which viewers will see unfold over autumn. Joining the show is Luca Toolan as Mason Radcliffe, a Year 11 bad boy from Weatherfield High.

It all starts in scenes tonight as Mason takes pleasure in mocking Ruby, which prompts Hope to confront him. Things worsen when Mason befriends Dylan and singles out Liam as their new target. The situation intensifies as Mason continues to torment Liam, leading to conflict among the students and their parents.


Speaking about his new role and how he finds playing a character like Mason, Luca told us, “It’s fun, it is. I think because I’m so close with Liam and Charlie, it’s a lot easier. If I wasn’t really close to them and I didn’t spend as much time with them, I would probably find it more difficult. But because we have that bond and trust each other so much, it’s a lot easier. My favorite film is The Joker, so I like looking at characters that are damaged. One thing I really want to do with a character is show the vulnerable side. So there’s a lot of room and a very high ceiling for the exploration of the character.”

Luca also dubbed Mason a ‘lunatic’ and said he wouldn’t be friends with him. “I would stay away from people like Mason.”

What advice would you like to give Mason?

Luca replied: “Go to therapy, mate! He’s a very angry and disturbed soul. People are like that for reasons. Hopefully in the future, we might be able to explore a little bit more of why he’s become the way he has. But the advice I would give to him is to go to therapy and get the help that he needs.”


Does Dylan realise how dangerous Mason’s influence could be?

Liam McCheyne said, “I think Dylan is very naive in what he’s getting into. I believe Sean realizes how dangerous Mason’s influence is, but Dylan often ignores him. Mason isn’t a true friend to Dylan, but as I’ve mentioned, Dylan is easily influenced and may not fully comprehend the gravity of the situation he’s stepping into.”

‘Dylan just wants to fit in. He wants to make friends no matter what, probably because of his previous encounters in London.”

Do you think Dylan just wants to fit in, or do you think he’s also scared of Mason?

“I think there’s an element of both, especially when we start hearing what Mason has done and we don’t actually know what else he’s capable of doing. Ultimately, we’re not going to go against him. So I do think it’s a balance of both wanting to fit in and being scared of him,” stressed Dylan Wilson, actor Liam McCheyne.


Coronation Street continues Wednesday at 8pm on ITV1

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