Jay finds solace in the company of Nadine, while Suki and Denise hatch a plan to expose Ravi. Phil struggles with guilt as Kat prepares for her wedding, and secrets threaten to unravel. Meanwhile, Bobby faces difficulties living with Sonia, leading to turmoil within the family.

Jay’s grief leads him on a restless night’s walk, only to find solace in an unexpected encounter with Nadine. The two reconcile over a drink at The Albert, putting misunderstandings behind them. However, Nadine’s attempt to take things further is met with Jay’s refusal, leaving a cloud of uncertainty hanging over them. The next day, Jay grapples with the fear of being spotted with Nadine in the Square.


Suki Panesar’s desperate bid to bring Ravi to justice takes an unexpected turn. After persuading Denise to provide a statement to the police regarding the incriminating video of Ravi, their hopes are dashed due to a lack of concrete evidence and Suki’s previous failed attempt. Undeterred, Suki unveils a new plan: secretly recording Ravi’s confession. A clandestine meeting at The Albert is set, but an untimely phone call disrupts their plans. When Ravi issues a chilling threat to Suki, she turns to Denise for help, only to be met with a reluctant refusal.

Meanwhile, tensions escalate as Nugget confronts Ravi about Suki’s claims, seeking answers to the family secrets that haunt him.


As the excitement builds for Kat and Phil’s impending nuptials, it seems that secrets and lies threaten to unravel their happiness.

Trouble brews when Louise delivers news to Phil about Keanu’s restricted access to Peggy. Fearing Keanu’s potential revelations, Phil resorts to deception, claiming to have come clean to Kat about Emma, hoping to keep Keanu at bay.

Meanwhile, tensions escalate between Karen and Sharon over little Albie’s custody, culminating in a heated exchange in Albert Square. In the midst of this, Dorian sees an opportunity and informs Sharon about a job opening in Abu Dhabi.


Over at The Vic, Jean takes it upon herself to arrange an unexpected hen-do for Kat, despite Kat’s initial reluctance. The women of Walford come together to toast to Kat’s last night of freedom, while Stacey grapples with her unease around Theo.

A heart-wrenching moment arises when Alfie discloses that he won’t be able to attend the wedding, leaving Kat crestfallen. Meanwhile, Keanu picks up on Kat’s elation and realizes that Phil is concealing the truth. With a text message, Keanu threatens to expose everything.

In a race against time, Phil rushes to The Vic but is intercepted by Sharon, who promises to handle the situation herself.

Inside The Vic, tensions flare as Sharon intervenes in a conversation between Kat and Keanu. Under the influence, Keanu accidentally spills the beans to a shocked Alfie.


On the day of Kat and Phil’s wedding, tension mounts as Alfie heads to the Arches to confront Keanu, then heads to No.29 ready to reveal the truth.

At Peggy’s, the atmosphere is charged as the Mitchell men raise a toast to family. However, Alfie’s arrival sets off a chain of events that culminate in a violent clash between him and Phil. It’s clear that there’s more to Alfie’s anger than meets the eye.

In a stunning turn of events, Alfie confesses that he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is scheduled for a prostatectomy. Phil is left reeling from the revelation.

When Phil arrives late at the registry office without Alfie, Kat is left in a panic. The question looms: will Kat and Phil go through with the wedding?

Meanwhile, Linda gets wind of Alfie’s hospital visit through Mitch, prompting her to rush to his side in support of his upcoming procedure.

Elsewhere, Bobby’s struggle to adapt to life with Sonia comes to the forefront as the Beales prepare for a family movie night. Kathy implores Ian to mediate with Cindy and convince her to allow Bobby to return to No.45. However, when Ian attempts to broach the subject with Cindy, chaos erupts.


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