Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 on BBC One at 1:45pm

Claudia receives advice from her mum while on the phone at the station. She hides her true feelings when Rob approaches her. Bear and Sid discuss impressing dates, which leads to a sensitive topic involving Princess. Later, Bear and Claudia meet, but the conversation becomes awkward due to past memories. Claudia doesn’t reveal what’s truly bothering her.

What is Claudia up to? (BBC)

Zara and Daniel have a heated argument and Zara leaves, feeling resentful. Daniel tries to make it up to Joe by suggesting they watch a movie, but Joe is aware of the tension between Daniel and Zara. Daniel then tries to bond with Joe by making a special pizza, but Joe rejects it and leaves. Feeling hopeless, Daniel turns to alcohol. Meanwhile, Zara meets with her friend Emma at the theater and discusses Zara’s decision to resign from the university. Despite feeling embarrassed, Zara prefers being at the play than being at home.

How much longer can these 2 last? (BBC)

Frankie calls the Mill to inquire about the doctor on duty and learns it’s Al. She shares this information with Vic. Kirsty notices Al texting someone and teases him about going on a date. Al denies it but later reveals he’s indeed meeting Trudy Larson for lunch. They bond over their love for comic books, but Trudy calls out Al for interrupting her. Despite this hiccup, Trudy mentions their next date, leaving Al excited. When Al returns to the Mill, he’s in a great mood and even allows Kirsty to leave early. However, Frankie and Vic confront him.

Trouble lurks (BBC)


  • Andrea Mason as Frankie Sharp
  • Ashley Rice as Sid Vere
  • Chris Walker as Rob Hollins
  • Dex Lee as Bear Sylvester
  • Dido Miles as Emma Reid
  • Elisabeth Dermot Walsh as Dr Zara Carmichael
  • Ian Midlane as Dr Al Haskey
  • Janice Connolly as Rosie Colton
  • Kiza Deen as Claudia Briant
  • Matthew Chambers as Dr Daniel Granger
  • Neil Sheffield as Vic Butt
  • Oliver Falconer as Joe Granger Carmichael
  • Rachael Hilton as Trudy Larson

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