How would you describe Leo Tanaka on Neighbours?

Tim Kano: Leo is a really multi-layered, interesting character. He takes a lot after his father, Paul Robinson, who’s been the villain on Ramsay Street for many years and many decades, so it’s been a really interesting time for Leo, I think, as part of taking on his father’s traits but also having a bit more of a moral compass, which is really nice to see. And also, just him supporting his dad and having a more sympathetic, empathetic view on life and really helping steer him in the right direction instead of the wrong. It’s quite a cool character to play.

What do you like most about Neighbours?

Tim Kano: My favorite thing about Neighbours is family, I would have to say. Being here for so many years and just joining in, everyone takes you in as one of their own. It’s a great learning experience, and it really is like a family here, so it’s just like, a fan once said to me, watching Neighbours is like a warm hug, and I completely agree with that statement. So, working here is always a pleasure, so I’m pretty grateful.

Have you had any surprising interactions with fans over the years?

Tim Kano: My favorite, most surprising Neighbours fan would have to be the band, Hanson. I grew up with them, I’m an ‘80s kid, and yeah, I was really surprised that they were so happy to come and do a cool cameo on the show, so that was pretty awesome.

For newcomers to the show, how would you describe Neighbours?

Tim Kano: I’d describe Neighbours to new fans as a fun, dramatic, heightened sense of reality. There’s someone everyone can relate to on the show, but also there’s humor, drama, tears, and laughter. It’s really got it all. So, I think for new fans, it’s exciting but also a cool snapshot into Australian culture and society, which I think is really interesting and important.

What do you think fans of the series will be excited to see in the new season?

Tim Kano: I think it’s going to be a really nice kind of refresh. There are some new faces and some old faces, and I’m really happy about how we’ve jumped in time, so there’s been an evolution in the characters, their arcs, and their relationships. I’m really excited, as a single dad, who was a baby when the show finished and is now a three-year-old, so it’s going to be a really interesting time for my character to finally navigate being a single dad with a toddler and running the vineyard and things like that.

In the UK new episodes launch on Amazon Freevee at 7am from Monday September 18.

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