Fair City are celebrating 34 years on screen on Monday 18th September, and will mark the occasion with an explosive storyline surrounding a dramatic kidnapping. 

No Turning Back (RTE)

Tensions are rising between Fair City’s James and Zak this week, as their investment plans and “get-rich-quick” schemes continue to fall short. Zak (Stephen O’Leary) is stunned when James (Matthew O’Brien) suggests they have Sharon kidnapped, which would force Hayley to pay a hefty ransom.  

Their daring plan is set in motion, but James needs reassurance that Sharon won’t be harmed. James is put on the backfoot when he meets Zak’s intimidating accomplice, Bo Yorke (Ste Murray) who will help them to carry out the kidnapping. James reluctantly agrees to pay half of Bo’s fee upfront – but will it come at a terrible cost? 

Zak, James and Bo meet at dawn in the warehouse where they plan to hold their victim. Bo riles Zak up, so Zak decides to carry out the abduction himself, leaving Bo waiting in the getaway van. The trio are left speechless when a turn of events leads to a catastrophic error. Will their victim be able to escape in time?   

Prepare for a weekend of explosive drama on Fair City from Friday 15th September, 8.30pm on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player.  

By Eastieoaks

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