• Concerns for Al’s Well-being: The team at The Mill is abuzz with worry over Al’s recent troubles. Scarlett speculates on the cause, while Emma and Jimmi contemplate involving Al’s mother in the matter.
Scarlett speculates on the cause of Al’s troubles (BBC)
  • Zara and Daniel’s Family Struggles: Al’s situation weighs heavily on Daniel and Zara, causing tension between them. Joe unwittingly reveals a concerning incident involving Daniel, prompting Zara to confront him and demand a promise to refrain from drinking and driving.

  • Derek Whitaker’s Unexpected Encounter: Derek (Gary Lilburn)’s day takes an unexpected turn when a drone crashes on his roof. This incident leads to a surprising discovery of prison contraband and a consequential encounter with his neighbor Gerry Cooper (Marilyn Cutts).
Marilyn Cutts as Gerry Cooper (BBC)
  • Claudia’s Revelation to Bear: Bear confronts Claudia about their recent issues, suspecting a breakup. However, Claudia surprises him with a candid truth, leading to an open and honest conversation about their relationship.
What is next for Claudia and Bear? (BBC)
  • Danny Tavener’s Dilemma: Danny (Joshua Glenister)’s day takes a dramatic turn when he finds himself in a precarious situation involving his stolen bike. Luca offers a helping hand, leading them on a quest to reclaim it, uncovering an unexpected twist along the way.
Luca lends a helping hand to Danny in Tuesday’s visit to The Mill (BBC)
  • Casey’s Troubled Past Unraveled: Scarlett’s encounter with Casey (Lauren Foster) unveils a shocking revelation about her living situation and her scars from a past traumatic event. As the truth about Casey’s family situation emerges, a confrontation with her father Mark ensues.

  • Emma’s Return to FME Duty: Emma faces her first day back on FME duty, battling nerves and seeking reassurance from Rob. Meanwhile, Claudia seeks her advice, leading to a revelation about Bear’s girlfriend.
Emma is back on FME Duty (BBC)
  • Daniel’s Unusual Golf Day: Daniel’s day takes an unexpected turn during a golf outing, involving a peculiar protest about the world’s water crisis. His encounter with the activist prompts an unconventional toast with club captain Martin.

Doctors airs on BBC One at 13:45 from Monday to Thursday

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