Jaws on the floor after that episode? Yep, mine as well. Except, it would have been had Toadie and Terese’s wedding secret not been so poorly kept. It wasn’t the press that spoiled it but the show, who originally embargoed who would be appearing at the wedding – then put them in the trailers. The fact that it was T&T getting married only to then release an image with their names on the wedding invite.

That image spread around the internet pretty quick. At the point I found out from said photo, I didn’t know it, and only came across it via Reddit, nice going holding that back. Also, Mel did appear in this first episode, altough quite why they chose to keep that a secret I don’t know.

That aside, it took football 56 years to ‘come home’, but Neighbours managed to make a comeback in little over a year – and it’s been worth the wait. “A lot has happened in the last 2 years.” You’re telling us. Not only have Toadie and Melanie split, but Paul and Terese have as well. Now Toadie is marrying Terese, and strangely, Paul is okay with this? And Mel is too? Why did it feel like the ‘final’ episode just got crapped all over?

Some really lovely nods to the past and past characters as Harold looked through the history book, we miss you Lou.

Never forgotten (Amazon Freevee)

A bigger twist would have been had it been a double bluff and Paul and Terese were revealed to be the couple standing together at the end of the episode.

  • Just why is JJ so keen on the history of Ramsay Street?
  • Is Harold suffering from more than just bouts of forgetfulness – as hinted at by his keenness to keep The History of Ramsay Street book updated, and completely forgetting about the wedding until reminded?

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