What’s happening in Erinsborough?

Monday, 2nd October

Mike finds himself the victim of his own impulsiveness. Dex is blindsided by a secret with potentially catastrophic ramifications. Paul discovers a piece of information which he believes will secure his hold over Lassiters. And Mackenzie throws caution to the wind as her interest in a certain resident reaches boiling point.

Tuesday, 3rd October

Dex fears that JJ could be on track to cause irreparable damage to their family. Remi voices her doubts to Cara, throwing their plans for the future into question. Byron benefits from a new perspective on his relationship as he reconsiders his previous decisions. And Mackenzie struggles to not let her emotions get the better of her.

Wednesday, 4th October

Terese, in an attempt to form stronger bonds with the people she loves, falls victim to a devilish manipulation. Paul’s hubris grows as he inches closer to unmasking the truth. And JJ’s search for answers reaches the point of no return.

Thursday, 5th October

Jane is blindsided when she’s betrayed by a close friend. Tensions mount on Ramsay Street as a new rivalry is born. And Harold is supported by his closest friends, as his fears for the future reach breaking point.


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