Thursday, September 28th, 2023 on E4 at 7:00pm

A bereft Romeo arrives back in the village with Nadira and Lacey to the house he shared with Rayne. He is distraught as he looks at Rayne’s belongings. The bad side of Rayne and her misplaced influencer stunts fade into insignificance as they recall all the good times they shared.

Devastated Lacey is conflicted, she loved Rayne but was their friendship real? Nadira is distracted and Lacey questions why she is avoiding answering the phone to her boss Rafe when he is calling to check on her wellbeing after hearing of the tragedy?

Under pressure and anxious Nadira confesses to Lacey that she stole the money to pay for the villa on the company credit card.

Warren is hiding something – Joel can tell. But he refuses to share with Joel what is on his mind until his worried son accuses him of relapsing onto abusing painkillers.

At Rafe’s, the Earl is still desperate to host a ball in memory of his late father. His plans are currently being scuppered by councillor Tony Hutchinson, who has blocked plans for a firework display and is against the event.

Dilly is hungover and he is furious that his sister has got drunk while in recovery. He rails at Ethan but the pair bury the hatchet when Dilly and Ethan propose a plan to help win round Tony.

Ignoring that it could be seen as bribery Ethan and Tony play to Tony’s ego and lure him and Darren to a boozy meal at Rafe’s.

By Eastieoaks

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