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Chas: Chas is feeling sad and frustrated on the 5th anniversary of her daughter Grace’s death. She wants to visit Grace’s grave, but her daughter wants to go to the swings instead. Chas feels stuck in the past and lonely.

Paddy: Paddy notices that life has moved on at the graveyard. He rejects Chas’s offer to have a drink together and instead goes to lunch with Mandy, leaving Chas feeling even more alone.

Harry/Simon: Harry introduces himself as “Simon” to Chas and buys her a drink. They connect over their late children, but Chas regrets bringing Simon home and asks him to sleep on the sofa. When Chas goes upstairs, Harry searches the backroom and looks at a photo of her and Caleb.

Paddy/Eve: Paddy tells Chas that their daughter Eve wants to live with him. Chas makes a comment about Mandy’s motherhood, which upsets Paddy. Chas leaves Eve with Paddy and cries outside the house, calling for Simon.

Samson/Lydia/Craig: Samson talks to Craig about why he was let go from his work experience. Craig manipulates the story to make it seem like something happened between him and Lydia. Mandy overhears Samson talking about Lydia and confronts him. She believes there may be an affair between Lydia and Craig and confronts Lydia, who rushes away in distress.

Lydia/Kim: Lydia confesses to Kim about the rape. Kim encourages Lydia to tell Sam the truth.

Charity/Liam/Chloe/Mack: Charity is jealous when she learns about Mack’s engagement. She convinces Liam to go on a date with her, but things get tense when Chloe and Mack join them. Charity’s facade breaks, and she confronts Liam. The next day, Chloe asks Charity to take her and her sick son Reuben to the hospital. They bond during this experience.

Charles/Claudette/Tom/Belle: Charles gives a heartfelt eulogy for his father, and Claudette watches. Charles apologizes to Tom, and Tom has a warm moment with Belle as they prepare for their new life together.

Cain/Caleb: Cain and Caleb go to Wylie’s Farm for mysterious business. They remain on edge.

Jai: Jai makes a confession.

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