Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 on BBC One at 1:45pm


Suni sees Milo again, who is worried that Suni isn’t taking him seriously. Suni brings up the possibility of Milo having health anxiety. Milo gets upset, locks the door, and panics. Scarlett helps calm him down and assures him that Suni wasn’t laughing. Suni offers to buy Scarlett lunch to thank her.

Ruhma arrives at the campus and is rude to Rosie, who feels hurt. Rosie talks to Nina about Ruhma’s mood. Nina talks to Ruhma and learns about her increased workload and stress. Ruhma apologizes to Rosie and they discuss the situation over tea.

Kirsty learns that Jemma missed an appointment for a medical trial and visits her during her VPAS visits. Jemma is in pain and feeling unwell. When she finds out she has to give a presentation to the CEO, she runs out of the room. Kirsty meets with Jemma and learns that she is pregnant from a one-night stand. Later, Dario, the CEO, brings Jemma some comforts.

By Eastieoaks

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