Tuesday, October 17th, 2023 on BBC One at 1:45pm

Ruhma is confused about her schedule and where she needs to be. She asks Nina for help, but Nina is unsure about what she can do. Nina tries to contact the Head of Midwifery for assistance.

Suni is still being ignored by Scarlett. Nina asks Scarlett to help Suni with learning the computer system. Suni keeps wondering why Scarlett is ignoring him.

Tim Walker is dating Aoife Roche, but he keeps leaving after they have sex. This upsets Aoife because she doesn’t want to feel like she’s being used. Tim confides in Luca that he gets sick every time after having sex. This issue is putting a strain on his relationship with Aoife because she thinks he’s not interested in her. Luca promises to help Tim figure out the cause of his illness. Upon getting advice from her friend Niamh Kennedy, Aoife talks to Tim about his habit of leaving immediately after sex. Unfortunately, Tim fails to express his feelings properly and ends up telling Aoife that sex with her is making him sick. This misunderstanding threatens their relationship.

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