Tuesday, October 17th, 2023 on E4 at 7:00pm

ALL EYES ARE ON ROMEO – Romeo tries to help the others see Brent deserves to be in prison for kidnapping Peri. Rayne’s fans get front row viewing of a dispute between Romeo and Brent in the village when they bump into each other. After James splits up the argument, Romeo is given a tough decision to make by his dad, either he takes the blame for Rayne’s murder or he choses one of his friends to point the finger at.

THE TWINS CAUSE SIENNA A PROBLEM – It’s the twin’s first day at private school and Sienna senses Rafe is keeping something from her and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. Later, Sienna is in for a surprise when she discovers the twins have told their new friends the Earl is their stepdad and invited them to the manor for a playdate.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

THINGS GET TOO MUCH FOR HUNTER – After yesterday’s humiliation, Hunter calls in Lucas and Dillon but when Lucas continues to probe the teacher, Hunter loses his temper and is overheard by Yazz.

STE KNOWS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT – Although Tony goes ahead with Ste’s suggested menu the landlord adds some of his own upper-class tweaks.

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