Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 on ITV1 at 8:00pm

LAUREN CASHES IN ON RYAN AND DAISY When Lauren quizzes Ryan about his relationship with Daisy he insists she’s just a mate. Carla suggests Ryan move back in with them, he’s delighted but he is shocked to discover Daisy is doing a trial shift at the bistro. Can they work together? When Ryan confirms that he’s moving back to his Aunty Carla’s, Lauren’s thrown into panic, wondering how she will pay the bills by herself. Lauren returns home to find Ryan packing his things.  After revealing that she knows he slept with Daisy, Lauren demands £1000 to buy her silence but refuses to tell him why she needs the cash. He tells a stunned Daisy who promises to come up with the cash. But will it stop Lauren? 

CARLA FIGHTS FOR UNDERWORLD As the police investigation continues Carla assures everyone she intends to fight tooth and nail to save the factory, and she plans to fly out to Spain in a bid to secure a lucrative deal. Whilst Beth, Kirk and Simon worry about their wages Michael gets the news that he is losing his job.

ED’S LED INTO TEMPTATION A downbeat Michael tells Ed that he’s lost his job and he’ll need the investment money back as he’s nothing to live on. When Ronnie suggests they give him a grand each, Ed squirms, knowing he hasn’t got the money. Ed tries to give Michael £1000 but he refuses to accept.

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