In last week’s episodes, we saw how desperate Lauren was to stop Ryan from moving out which led to her blackmailing Ryan and Daisy. Do you think Lauren would have really exposed Ryan and Daisy’s secret if they didn’t pay?

I think Lauren is very desperate and when you’re that desperate, you are constantly living in survival mode. Lauren is a survivor. I think being desperate can lead to negative consequences because you don’t think straight and you’re selfish. Lauren will do what she wants to get what she wants because that’s what she’s been taught and the only way she knows to get by. She knows that Ryan really cares for Daisy and she plays on that. Lauren and Daisy have no loyalties to each other and she understands that it’s the only way she’s going to get into Ryan’s head by threatening to bring Daisy into it. I’d like to think that she wouldn’t do it, but if it’s something that threatens her safety or the people that she cares about then sadly I think she would do it.

Given Lauren’s current self-destructive path, should they be worried about what lengths she would go to, to get what she wants?

I don’t think Lauren’s a bad person. I wouldn’t say she’s dangerous but she does see herself as the abuser and not the victim. She’s been through things that have moulded her into the person that she is today. Lauren will always see herself as the abuser because she destroys everything she touches as a way of feeling in control. In relation to the lengths that she’d go, I do think she would do absolutely anything for people that she cares about and for her own safety, so they probably should be worried if they don’t give her what she wants.

Ryan and Daisy have both been through an awful couple of months following the acid attack, does Lauren feel guilty about blackmailing them?

Lauren definitely feels guilty. She’s not a heartless person despite her actions. I would say she feels more guilty towards Ryan because she really cares about him deep down. Lauren see’s Ryan as a brother figure that she’s never had and someone to guide her on the right path. Lauren can also sense that Ryan is being strung along by Daisy, which Lauren doesn’t like. As I said before, Lauren will do anything for the people that she cares about, and when it comes to Ryan, he’s definitely in that category.

So does Lauren think she’s actually protecting Ryan in her own way?

A hundred percent. I think even though there’s quite a big age gap between Ryan and Lauren, Lauren clings to anyone that she can because she wants to be accepted and loved. I think because Ryan treats her like an adult despite the age gap, she does have a protective bond over him. I think ultimately, Lauren doesn’t want anyone to have Ryan because she doesn’t want to share which was similar to the whole situation with Max and Sabrina. I think she feels quite jealous towards Daisy because Daisy has everything – someone who loves her, is liked by everyone, a child – yeah, he might not be Daisy’s child but he adores her – and now someone who would go to the ends of the earth for her who she will probably never choose, but she still has that option. Lauren’s got nothing. So having Ryan come into her life and live with her, eat with her and do normal things like watch a film together really changed everything and to lose that would feel like someone’s ripped her heart out.

Where do Lauren and Ryan stand now with their friendship?

At the minute, I think Lauren’s really ruined it for herself. What could have been a beautiful friendship between her and Ryan has been destroyed by her. She completely understands it though, if someone did that to me, I’d be absolutely devastated. I’m just hoping that, despite her not being able to tell Ryan what her actual motive is and why she did what she did, Ryan can realise that she is a good kid after all and just needs a bit of guidance. Lauren really needs the stability of Ryan and I think they work really well together as friends.

Do you think they could ever build a friendship again?

I really hope they can get back on the right track. Ryan’s made a lot of mistakes in the past, and I think he can see that which is why they get on, because they’ve got shared trauma. It’s obviously completely different types of trauma but they’ve been through it and they are outcasts. Ryan feels like an outcast physically because of what he’s been through and Lauren is an outcast internally as she hasn’t got a lot of friends and is very much on her own. Ryan and Lauren really understand each other. I think that’s what makes the bond so beautiful. I really hope they can build their friendship again because I do think they both need it.

This week (Monday 23rd October) we realise that Lauren has been caught up in a situation where she needs to pay someone money and promises to deliver it later – after receiving it from Daisy. Is Lauren in danger?

I mean, we’ll just have to see. With Lauren, she automatically naturally attracts danger. She’s not had an upbringing where her mum or dad have told her what’s right from wrong so she’s very self-destructive. I think at some point there will be clarity on who that is, whether it’s a positive or a negative thing, we’ll find out in the future. But there’s definitely an underlying objective and aim that comes from blackmailing Ryan and Daisy.

Given this, do you think it’s all about money or is there an element of Ryan moving out that could leave Lauren alone and vulnerable?

I actually think that’s the main reason she doesn’t want Ryan to move out and the more I think about it, I don’t think she would choose money over Ryan. I think being on her own is her biggest fear and threat. Lauren has never had any stability in her life, she’s gone from being with her dad in Griff’s flat to being at home with her mum, being homeless then being put in Audrey’s salon, going to Max’s and then finally having her own flat. Now that she’s in her own flat, she is looking for someone to share it with. Lauren just needs to be loved but most importantly, loved by herself, which was something that Ryan was helping her with. With Ryan moving out, she feels so unsafe now because Ryan became her safety blanket.

It seems like Lauren was pulling the strings until Daisy makes it clear to Lauren that she will not be getting another penny or blackmailed by a worthless brat. Do you think Lauren will move on from Ryan and Daisy?

I would like to say she would, but if you get into a young teenage girl’s face and call them names, nine times out of ten, they’ll do the opposite of what you tell them to. I also think the things that Daisy said to her hit a nerve and were things she has heard before which triggered her. Lauren believes that it’s easier for someone to hate her then love her. With Daisy calling her a brat, she will want to prove to her that she is a brat. If Lauren lets herself show a vulnerable side then she will lose her power. After this, I think she will try to carry it on for as long as she can but I do think she will get bored at some point, either that or she’ll realise that she’s not just hurting herself but she’s hurting other people. There’s Daniel who is a really good person that everyone loves and has been through a lot. Then you’ve obviously got Bertie, who is young and lost his mum at such a young age. I think Lauren can relate to Bertie, although her parents are still here, she grieves something that she will never have and wouldn’t want him ending up in a toxic household. If anything, Bertie will be the one reason that Lauren won’t do anything stupid.

What’s next for Lauren?

After living with Ryan and viewing him as a role model, O-Vidz might be a thing that Lauren tries next. Obviously whilst living together, she had conversations with Ryan about O-Vidz and saw how Ryan has gained some of his confidence back especially after how broken he was after the acid attack and I think she would like to try that for herself. Even though she hasn’t got physical scarring, she definitely has internal scarring that she would like to mend and may see this as an opportunity to do so. Now more than ever, Lauren needs to make as much money as she possibly can as she now sees herself as an adult, even though she’s only seventeen years old. Lauren is no stranger to doing things in order to get money which we saw through her interaction with Roy so I don’t think Lauren will look at the downsides of O-Vidz, unfortunately.

Hopefully we will also see a side to Lauren which shows her humanity, there’s just a lot of layers to Lauren that someone will need to get through and I’m hoping in time, the right person will break through this.

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