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Mackenzie is forced to confront a horrifying truth. Toadie faces up to the issues threatening the happiness of his family. Jane makes poor decisions after facing yet another blow. Reece’s time in Erinsborough is at risk due to the meddling of an outsider.

Excitement engulfs Ramsay Street at Leo’s Whiskey Launch, and Mackenzie is thrilled it’s a chance to spend more time with ‘Ed’ who’s working the event. She’s feeling as though there may be sparks of a real relationship there. Eden himself is able to relax when he learns of Mackenzie’s attendance at the Launch, safe in the knowledge that Holly won’t be joining her. But when Holly turns up unexpectedly, Eden is forced to make himself scarce. Despite Eden’s best efforts to remain out of sight, Holly catches a glimpse of him, trailing him into the vines. Though she loses him, she uses photos to confirm with Mackenzie that ‘Ed’ and Eden are one and the same – and Mackenzie’s left in shock to learn that she has been seeing the toxic ex from Holly’s past.

Terese, Toadie and Nell attend their first family counselling session, and challenging revelations are made almost immediately. Nell reveals the hitherto unknown depth of her trauma at losing her mother and Melanie, while Terese admits the conflict with Nell makes her worried about another marriage full of constant troubles, like it was with Paul. Toadie is bowled over to learn Nell’s truth but also glad he can now implement strategies to help her. When he and Nell later plan a movie night together, Nell also extends the invitation to a touched Terese. This family seems to be finding a path forward.

Jane’s mortified after her explosion at Terese at the school, and starts to lose hope that she’ll be able to

keep the school alive. Despite concern from Wendy and Susan, she drowns her sorrows with alcohol at Leo’s Whiskey Launch, resulting in a tipsy Jane spilling a drink all over Holly. Poor Jane feels like she can do nothing right…

Reece’s investigation into Krista’s whereabouts hits a snag when Tess Carmichael, Conrad Sinclair’s right-

hand woman, appears unannounced. After justifying her investigation methods to an impatient Tess, Reece returns to the task.

Meanwhile, Billie begins to grit her teeth at Haz’s love for Trevor, and Reece continues her covert hunt for information, trying – and failing – to get into Paul’s computer.

By Eastieoaks

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