Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 on BBC Scotland at 10:00pm

At the police station, DCI Shaw questions an evasive Lenny about Andrew’s assault. Together, the pair reach an understanding and conjure up a story to downplay the assault.

As witnesses, Roisin and Tommy are at odds about what to tell the police. While Roisin won’t support Andrew and sides with Lenny, Tommy wants to tell the truth, causing friction between the couple.

Tommy’s dilemma worsens when Andrew insinuates that the money he invested in the gym could be taken away if he doesn’t side with him.
Elsewhere, opportunity comes calling for Nicole when she learns about Karen and Alex’s new business venture – the Merchant’s Yard.
Demanding Alex gives her a stall at the new market, Nicole is irked when her former lover declines. Unwilling to take no for an answer, Nicole reminds Alex their past affair is a secret…for now. With Nicole’s veiled threat ringing in his ears, Alex presents the idea to Karen who agrees to meet with Nicole.

However, when Nicole suggests an alternative working arrangement with Karen, Alex is horrified, worried their affair will be uncovered.

Eve and Maggie discuss Sonny’s erratic behaviour in the wake of Lou’s death. While they accept everyone tackles grief differently, Eve is horrified to discover Sonny has thrown away all of Lou’s belongings.

Eve challenges Sonny for being insensitive which sees him scold her for giving Lou up for adoption, suggesting her grief is, in fact, guilt.

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