Monday, October 30th, 2023 on BBC ONE at 1:45pm

It’s Saturday and Scarlett moves into Emma’s place. Luca teases her about their landlady’s behavior. Later, Suni calls and invites Scarlett to a VIP club night, which she keeps a secret from Luca. At the club, Suni tries to impress Scarlett, but she asks for a different drink. They have a good time and play a game of truth or dare, sharing some secrets. Suni asks about Scarlett’s relationship with Ollie and they share a kiss.

Meanwhile, Sid joins Tye at a Northern Soul club night and Tye is attracted to Martine Toole. Sid is concerned about Tye’s behavior and is surprised when his dad gives him an emotional hug. Back at home, Sid is annoyed when Tye shows up with Martine.


By Eastieoaks

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