Monday, October 30th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

A horrified Billy stares down at Craig’s bloodied and lifeless body, found on the fields at Home Farm.

In the Woolpack, having gathered The Dingles, everyone is shocked when Lydia announces that Craig is dead. The Dingles start to ponder what could have happened to Craig, but Lydia is steadfast and sure one of them is responsible for his death. In the knowledge Sam and Cain had Craig tied up in a remote barn, Lydia begins her investigation by focusing on their whereabouts. In a series of flashbacks we reveal what happened at the barn….

After listening to Cain and Sam, Lydia’s search to find out who killed Craig is underway. Belle’s caught out when the room shifts their focus to her alibi. In flashback scenes we see Belle recount her day with Tom, who after a romantic meal proposed to Belle. But Belle’s not giving a true account of the full day. What exactly is she hiding? Will the Dingles accept Belle’s fabrication of events?

Tom pops the question ITV
How will Belle respond? ITV

Lydia then shifts her focus onto the next suspect….Aaron.

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