Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 on ITV1 at 8:00pm

Daisy and Ryan plan an illicit night away at a hotel, unaware that Daniel isn’t far behind. Elsewhere, Eliza’s confession angers Stu, and celebrations for Aadi’s new job are abruptly curtailed.

DANIEL GETS A TIP OFF Daisy lies to Daniel and tells him she’s spending the night at her Mum’s. But when Jenny questions her about her plans, Daisy crumbles and admits she’s spending the night with Ryan. Daisy explains how she loves both Daniel and Ryan but in different ways and she doesn’t know what to do. Jenny urges her to make up her mind before it’s too late. However when Daniel clocks Ryan getting into Steve’s taxi and asking for the Chariot Square Hotel, is the game up? His suspicions growing after a phone call to Daisy’s mum, Daniel follows Ryan. As Daisy and Ryan head to their room, Daisy comes to a decision and tells Ryan that this isn’t going to work as it’s Daniel she loves. But as Daniel arrives at the hotel, determined to find out the truth, has her decision come too late?

AADI’S WORLD COMES CRASHING DOWN When Aadi reveals he’s been offered a job shelf stacking at Freshco and by way of celebration, he’s invited Asha and Nina over for afternoon tea, Courtney feigns enthusiasm. With Courtney a no show and Asha running late, Aadi and Nina tuck in but they’re taken aback by the arrival of Darren who has news from Courtney.

ELIZA’S REVELATION IS A HORROR SHOW FOR STU When the PI tells Stu she’s had no luck finding any dirt on Dom he insists she carry on digging, whatever the cost. Visiting Stu for tea, Eliza admits she was given detention for falling asleep in class having stayed up all night watching a horror movie. Stu’s furious. 

ELSEWHERE Dylan surveys his packed lunch with disdain. Sean explains that with no money coming in, it’s all he can afford. At Sean’s suggestion Dylan goes for a job at the Kabin delivering newspapers. Asha returns home from her paramedic course and tells Nina all about her day working with Isla and how much she admires her. 


  • Aadi Alahan – Adam Hussain
  • Alya Nazir – Sair Khan
  • Asha Alahan – Tanisha Gorey
  • Brian Packham – Peter Gunn
  • Courtney Vance – Stephanie Davis
  • Daisy Midgeley – Charlotte Jordan
  • Daniel Osbourne – Rob Mallard
  • Darren Vance – Ryan Early
  • Debbie Webster – Sue Devaney
  • Dom Everett – Darren Morfitt
  • Dylan Wilson – Liam McCheyne
  • Eliza Woodrow – Savannah Kunyo
  • Gail Rodwell – Helen Worth
  • Jenny Connor – Sally Ann Matthews
  • Kirk Sutherland – Andrew Whyment
  • Lauren Bolton – Cait Fitton
  • Lesley Milner – Helen Kay
  • Max Turner – Paddy Bever
  • Nina Lucas – Mollie Gallagher
  • Rita Tanner – Barbara Knox
  • Ryan Connor – Ryan Prescott
  • Sally Metcalfe – Sally Dynevor
  • Sean Tully – Antony Cotton
  • Staff Member – Semo Salha
  • Steve McDonald – Simon Gregson
  • Stu Carpenter – Bill Fellows
  • Tim Metcalfe – Joe Duttine
  • Yasmeen Metcalfe – Shelley King

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