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Reece’s search is spurred forward by a promising new lead. Sadie is concerned by an unsettling new development. Nell overhears something that can only lead to trouble.

Reece fears her search for Krista has hit a dead end, but Byron remembers a familiar number in Krista’s calls from the hotel. They follow it up, questioning the mechanic at Fitzgerald Motors and are shocked to hear that Krista left her car with them. Learning the car has then been on-sold to a kid at Erinsborough High, they stake out the car park hoping for more information. They don’t learn much from the student, but Reece buys the car off him and she and Byron look through the vehicle for more clues. When Reece finds an affirmation card Reece gave to Krista when she was concerned about her drug taking, her concern amps up. What has Krista got herself into?

With Haz consoling Trevor after his night outside and Sadie stewing on her family drama, Holly’s suggestion of a pool day is welcome. However, Sadie quickly wonders about Holly’s OTT energy and focus on Haz. She’s flirting up a storm and Sadie realises Holly has set her sights on old mate. Worried that a hook-up between these two will be a disaster for Mackenzie, Sadie is thrown when Mackenzie is resigned to it. She’s not ready to date and won’t tell Haz who he can and can’t see. Will this turn into the trainwreck Sadie envisions?

Terese offers to help Nell with a school assignment, and is thrilled when Nell is receptive, even hugging her as a thank-you. What a coup! Later, at school, Nell spots Sharon Davies talking to Jane and is on a mission to find out if their tete-a-tete was related to Melanie. Jane is honest with Nell, explaining that Mel appears to have moved and changed her number, which amps up Nell’s concern for Mel’s welfare. When she brings this up with Toadie, he’s incensed at Jane’s overstep. He confronts her about the issue, and Jane is so upset, she races off and leaves her phone in the Waterhole. Caring Nell returns it, but not before she scours the device for a mystery contact…

By Eastieoaks

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