ITV Stress and upset are rife in Weatherfield

A new week on the cobbles brings all the usual drama, including Carla’s continued worry over Peter’s possible drinking. Ken confides in Carla that he’s worried Peter may be drinking again. This is compounded when a bottle of whisky she bought is found to be missing.

Monday 6th November 2023 at 8pm on ITV1

Wednesday 8th November 2023 at 8pm on ITV1

Our midweek visit to Corrie sees Bernie facing more trouble with the police as she’s arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods. This comes after Bernie learns Paul has applied for the PIP, but it will take 11 weeks, and there is worry about how they’ll cope with money until then. Quick thinking, Bernie flogs off the rest of her gear to Big Garth at a knockdown price, unaware that she is being watched and photographed by a police officer. Later, as she heads home, she finds herself stopped and under arrest.

Friday 10th November 2023 at 8pm on ITV1

The final trip of the week on Friday brings upsetting news as Paul’s visit to the MND nurse about his recent coughing fits see him facing a very sad truth. Having applied for PIP the nurse offers to submit an SR1 form which will fast-track the application. However, Paul knows what this means and Billy and Bernie are shocked to learn Paul has between 6 – 12 months left to live.

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Elsewhere in Coronation Street this week

Izzy advises Paul to be brutally honest about his disability on his Personal Independence Payment assessment or he’ll lose out.

Stu tells Roy that at Yasmeen’s request, he’s called off all his investigations into Dom. However when he receives a text from Lesley, the PI, will he comply?

When Ryan reveals that he’s seeing Crystal again later, Carla warns him she’s nothing but trouble, Peter however tells him he’s pleased as it might stop him from interfering in Daisy and Daniel’s relationship.

When Joseph complains of a headache Chesney’s disbelieving but Gemma agrees to keep him off school. Worried it could be a sign of something more serious, Gemma takes him to A&E.

As Summer helps Amy at the drop in she’s organised for the counselling charity a girl calls in and Summer hands her a flyer. While they’re distracted, the girl leaves. Amy’s cross with herself, wishing she’d offered her some help and Summer worries for her friend.

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