Gail gets Ryan to open up about his worries over Oscar and he struggles to accept the estrangement from his son. Ryan ignores warnings and tries to reach Oscar over social media.

When Tracy realises that it was Caleb who gave Nate advice how to win her back around she’s fuming. She’s clearly conflicted about how she is feeling.

Jacob and Manpreet try to persuade Pollard to look into Parkinson’s support groups.

April is frustrated her parents are clearly keeping secrets.

David misses the secrets all around him as he interrupts Jacob and Brenda’s conversation about Pollard and is oblivious to the sparks between Victoria and Jacob.

Manpreet convinces Pollard to join her for a chat and some golf whilst Leyla twigs Jacob has a new woman in his life.

Lydia learns it’s Craig’s funeral this week she makes plans to attend in a way of seeking closure.

Samson begs Lydia to come home.

Emmerdale airs Monday – Friday at 7.30pm on ITV1 and these scenes air from Monday 20 November 2023


After a bad day in which Dean finds ‘rapist’ sprayed across the window of the new pie and mash shop, George lashes out at Dean, who falls down the stairs and lies motionless at the bottom.

Vinny tells Suki that if she wants to be with Eve, he won’t stand in her way.

Sam crashes back into Walford and brings a whole heap of trouble with her.

Alfie goes to have his first hormone injection and is privately glad that Kat goes with him.

Sam goes to see Ricky, who is hurt and angry that she has not met Charli yet.

Nish sticks his nose into Minute Mart business, enraging an increasingly desperate Suki.

Linda struggles with the impact that recent events are having on her – will she turn to drink?

Mitch organizes a surprise party for Karen in The Vic and persuades Sharon to attend with Keanu.

EastEnders airs Monday – Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One and these scenes air from Monday 20 November 2023

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