Meet the real life London’s Burning in UKTV’S newest offering as they film on the front line with West Midlands Fire Service using heat proof helmet cameras and ground breaking technology

On the way to a call of a reported house fire and with parking what it is today didn’t make this job any easier as the team found themselves stuck behind a badly parked car (You would think the sound of sirens and the blue flashing lights would be enough to get peoples attention but no it resulted to banging on front doors)

24 year old Ben Harvey was one of the first into the fire, as he made his way up the stairs he told us he could feel the immense heat blaring through the loft as he fought to get the fire under control as teams outside made use of scaffolding to fight the blaze from above.

The drama didn’t end there as a 8ft snake A SNAKE of all things was next on the list and with no electric it needed to be rehoused


Testing times for the crews with everyone on high alert with the Manchester bombing just days previous but the day of Birmingham Pride and firefighters from Ladywood Station were off to promote the fire service in the LGBT community and to try and recruit those who may not necessarily think of a career in the fire service (complete with pink underwear)

Calls of explosions then put the team into action as the crews headed into unknown danger in a super market

We have to stand up we still have to go and do this we are still here to keep the public safe and can’t hide back because this has happened – Steve Riddell

Even birds caught in netting were not off the teams to do list but 1 job down and more to come as the team arrived on scene to the site of a car that had crashed into a house

Final Thoughts: a great series on a Emergency Service not often documented we’ve had cameras follows police paramedics and emergency staff before but none has touched on the fire service and the vital role they play

Into The Fire continues on Monday 15th January, 10pm on Really 📺 Freeview 17 | Sky 155 | Virgin Media 129 | Youview 17 | Freesat 160 |

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(all Photos credit UKTV / IMG Productions and used with permission)

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