Aired Monday 15th January, 10pm

This episode featured a fire in a high rise block that made residents fearful after the Grenfell tragedy,a call out to a fire alarm at an empty NHS building,A man trapped under a bus and a bird trapped on a roof

First up was a flat fire on the 6th floor of a high rise block of flats and after the Grenfell tragedy the residents needed answers “Is this man stuff on the building safe ? Thankfully a live burn test carried out put there mind at rest

Next up proved that even meal times aren’t peaceful for the brigade as dinner (pulled pork and nachos) was put on hold as the team got called out to an alarm going off at an empty NHS trust building with nobody around and the team needing to gain entry they used the direct approach which meant smashing a window. A slow burning fire on a local allotment was found to be the cause of the alarm and once it was out and the alarm reset the team departed

Next up was a 3AM call out to reports of a man trapped underneath a bus and even the Watch commander knew it would put them all to the test the man was clearly in distress as the team attempted to remove the foot trapped under it and Plan A failed when the team were unable to deflate the tires due to a lack of needed equipment and Plan B was the use of Red Watches hydraulic power tool whose steel tips have over 7 ton of spreading power (a fact I myself found remarkable) it worked and the very thankful man was on his way to hospital

Last up was a report of a bird trapped on a roof (which i suppose makes a change from a cat up a tree) and a little bit of bird whispering calmed him down

Thoughts: another great episode that not only focused on the tough job of fighting fires and public assurance but also showed the less dramatic work of animal rescue

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