Wow what a series that was sun sea and a game show with a difference UKTV have really got off 2018 to a great start with its new show.

Rylan-Keri(Picture UKTV) Presenter Rylan and swimmer Keri-Anne Payne made a great team

Rylan very much got involved with the contestants and provided some witty banter as well as cocktails

Rylan-Cocktail(Picture UKTV)

To me this was like a version of The Chase but out at sea except The Beast never got you soaking wet, what did get repetitive was the style of questions such as all of them being some variation of “Einstein” but I didn’t let this take away my enjoyment of the game as I frequently found myself shouting answers and cheering on the swimmers who I have to admit got much further then I would have done.

The penalty of adding lead weights to your belt for wrong answers was a good touch not that it appeared to slow them down as they fought to swim back in a very short space of time.

SwimBack(Picture UKTV)

Final Thoughts: Incredible show has very much had me hooked to W this week and I hope it returns for a second series, or possibly a charity special I’d love to see Rylan or Keri have a go at it.


By Eastieoaks

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