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Rick toys with his terrified hostages as the Murdoch vs Kennedy battle comes to a dramatic finale; Stevie lies to Scarlett in an attempt to manipulate her emotions; and the McLean sisters wait with baited breath to see if Maggie will pull through after her operation.

Rick holds Annie, Lydia and Frankie hostage, delighting in their fear and taunting Alex and Lenny with texts.

As Lenny and Alex frantically search for their loved ones, they know they face a race against time before a vengeful Rick takes his revenge against the Murdochs.

Desperate to negotiate their safe release, Annie offers to tend to Rick’s gunshot wound and spots an opportunity to attempt an escape. However, her actions set the wheels in motion for a fatal finale for someone as the situation comes to a dramatic conclusion, with far reaching consequences for all.

Elsewhere, Stevie tells Dougie he must make amends with Scarlett and get their romance back on track. Sensing his mother’s reluctance to forgive Dougie, Stevie resorts to emotional blackmail, lying about his health and urging her to find happiness for his sake.

At the hospital, Ellie and Caitlin wait anxiously for news about their mum, Maggie and Uncle John.

When the nurse reveals both operations were successful, Ellie questions why they can’t tell Maggie the identity of the donor who saved her life. Caitlin is adamant it remains a secret, telling Ellie they must now say their goodbyes to John so Maggie never uncovers the truth.


(all photos credit BBC Scotland)

This episode airs 16th January 2018 on BBC Scotland at 8pm

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