River City 23rd January 2018

This week in Shieldinch…

Maggie’s due to be discharged from hospital but Ellie’s kindness threatens to derail her recovery; Alex struggles to support Annie and his family in the aftermath of Rick’s revenge; and Pete and AJ’s inner ‘groomzillas’ are unleashed.

As Caitlin busily prepares for Maggie’s return, she’s irked by Ellie’s reluctance to collect their mum from hospital. Sensing she’s up to something, Caitlin reminds Ellie their mum can never know Uncle John was the liver donor.

Ellie ignores her sister, secretly visiting John in his bedsit to see how he is following the operation. When Ellie tries to say her goodbyes, John convinces her he’s in pain and needs hospital attention, knowing they run the risk of meeting Maggie there.

As John continues to manipulate Ellie, Caitlin is less sympathetic – John has served his purpose, it’s time to sever links to him. However, secrets and lies surface which prove shocking for Maggie, threatening to wreck her recovery.

Elsewhere, the aftermath of the Murdoch showdown with Rick takes its toll on Annie. Worried about Frankie, Annie is annoyed by her niece’s refusal to accept counselling for her eating disorder. As Annie struggles to keep her emotions in check, she rejects Alex’s attempts to support her and the family.

Farah’s horrified by Pete’s tacky suggestions for their joint wedding, urging AJ to rein him in. However, the best friends end up clashing over every little detail as their inner groomzillas come to the fore putting the double wedding in jeopardy.


(all photos credit BBC Scotland)

This episode airs 23rd January 2018 on BBC Scotland at 8pm

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